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About Our #SonomaStrong Sanctuary 501c3 Organizations

Fire Flex Yoga


Are you interested in bringing yoga to a specific population, such as veterans, first responders, nurses, educators, and many more groups who could benefit from yoga?

I had a similar desire and in 2014, I piloted a 12- week yoga program inside the San Jose Fire Department. That pilot program quickly solidified into FireFlex Yoga and in 2017 with the assistance and support of 8 talented yoga teachers and a strategic partnership with Active Wellness, we are now delivering yoga classes in eight Bay Area fire departments, impacting the lives of hundreds of firefighters and their families. A key aspect of creating yoga programs for special populations is understanding their unique needs and challenges. And then to develop a protocol where qualitative and quantitative data can demonstrate how yoga is a solution.

In this workshop you will learn the following:

  1.     How to identify the needs of special populations
  2.     How to start a yoga program within your community
  3.     How to identify funding sources to cover the costs of your program and get paid

You will also learn about the assessments used in FireFlex Yoga? And understand why yoga teachers are in the perfect position to support and help our first responder community.



Telephone: 831 - 421 - 0850

Teacher Bios

Shannon McQuaide

Shannon is the founder and Director of FireFlex Yoga, a complete wellness program for first responders. FireFlex Yoga was developed through Shannon’s work with the San Jose Fire (CA) Department, where she continues to lead FireFlex Yoga classes. She has 10 years of experience leading professional development training programs. Shannon has written articles for the California State Firefighters’ Association, Fire Rescue Magazine, the Scotts Valley Press Banner, and she currently writes a monthly column for Fire Engineer’s On-line Magazine. She is a certified functional movement trainer and has a master of arts in leadership and psychology. Shannon completed six month training in Yoga and Psyche and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training with David Emerson.


Shannon fell in love with yoga after spending a year traveling through South East Asia and India. Upon returning to California she started practicing yoga in Santa Monica, and gravitated towards the teachings of Ana Forrest, Jill Miller and later Sarah Powers and Mark Stephens.

First Responder Resilience Center



First Responders Resiliency, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization created “for First Responders, by First Responders”, and is dedicated to the psychological and physical well being of those who have served, or are serving, in the industry.

Susan Farren is the founder of First Responders Resiliency Inc. A graduate of the Stanford paramedic program, Susan has served her entire career in the industry of pre-hospital care. Serving in both the private and public sectors as a paramedic, supervisor, operations manager, peer counselor, clinical manager, EMS educator and consultant throughout the greater Bay Area.

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2016, Susan had to come to grips with the physical, emotional and mental impact the career had taken on her – and the Resiliency Training Program was born.

After her treatment and recovery, Susan dove into the research and subsequent data discovered involving the mental and physical impacts the industry had taken on her.  Armed with that knowledge she pulled together a team of experts from every division of the industry who are working as a team to change the lives of First Responders. A regularly sought after inspirational speaker and the published author of The Fireman’s Wife, A Memoir. Her second book, Firestorm, A Survivor’s Story is due for release in 2018


PTS Fitness and Rehab



When Sonya McVay opened Fitness Rx in 2014, she immediately began treating combat veterans free of charge. Four short years later, through community support and demonstrated need, Sonya McVay-Straub  established The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Clinic currently operates alongside Fitness Rx at the Tone Fitness Studio in Downtown Santa Rosa, CA, where it is committed to treating any US Armed Forces Veterans, and trauma survivors free of charge. The PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic’s multiple military recognition awards alongside it's stand for other trauma survivors are a testament to its outstanding local, national and international service.

The Clinic was named “PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic” as we believe Post Traumatic Stress to be a significant and often overlooked factor when treating pain and movement dysfunction.. The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic’s vision is to foster a space for fitness and performance rehabilitation acknowledging the neurological change within PTSD as its container.


“We've treated countless survivors that are severely affected by Post Traumatic Stress. These survivors generally do not seem aware of the links between the nervous system and sports injury.  Traditional medicine often discounts the body as the bad-ass survivor that it is. The radical musculoskeletal changes that occur in order to survive during high alert must be reprogrammed into the nervous system post trauma.  Otherwise, your system will simply continue to maintain survival in that stead-fast manner. Structurally, both overly-facilitated musculoskeletal and nervous systems will cause injury and inhibit functional movement patterns. In the same way, some bodies survive via neuro shut-down, which can also wreak havoc. Many of our clients have been told by traditional medical providers that they are imagining the issue and we are here to say: No, you’re not. At The Post Traumatic Stress Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic, we have gathered experts in this field and created a space to rehabilitate within this truth and acknowledge what’s going on.” -Sonya


Sonya McVay-Straub is the owner and founder of Fitness Rx, a movement rehabilitation clinic that has been open to the public since 2014. Philip Straub, is an avid horseman, trainer, marksman, federal ranger and USMC veteran. The PTS Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic is currently seeking additional Federal Grants and donations from local businesses and private individuals. To make a charitable donation, please contact



Location:  Santa Rosa, CA


About Our Sponsoring Yoga Studios

Blue Door  Yoga & Wellness



Our goal is to have everyone in our community practicing yoga and focusing on wellness. Imagine what the world would look like if this goal was a reality? People would be happier, healthier and less stressed–the best version of themselves. It seems like a lofty goal, but that’s what we do here at blue door yoga & wellness—set goals that seem unattainable and attain them.



The guiding tenet—North Star—of blue door yoga & wellness has always been to honor the tradition of yoga, build a healthy community, and foster relationships.


With all the styles of yoga available, choosing one can be confusing.  At blue door, our goal is to stay true to yoga’s roots. It is an enduring, 5000 year old practice and we believe in the saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”  When you walk through the blue doors, you will find a diverse group of teachers and classes with one common goal: to create a safe and engaging practice for you.


We provide world-class yoga, nourishing the mind, body, and soul.  We invite you to enter and explore Divinity.



Location: Penngrove, CA

Teacher Bios


Jesi Mifsud, E-RYT200, YACEP

Hi, I’m Jesi Mifsud, founder of blue door yoga & wellness and a Registered Yoga Teacher. I received my training from Mill Valley’s YogaWorks, studying under teacher trainer Nikki Estrada. I always knew I wanted to teach, I just never knew it would be yoga. I stumbled upon yoga quite by accident in January 2010. In a cliche moment, I joined the gym with a new year's resolution to get healthy. I tried a yoga class and was hooked from the moment I stepped on my mat. It was the first time in years (maybe my lifetime) that I went a whole hour without thinking about anything but what was happening in that moment. It was life-altering and from this experience, blue door yoga & wellness was born. I felt compelled to share the healing properties of yoga with everyone. Why is yoga so effective at healing? It’s the breath and the stilling of the mind; they are powerful, and available to everyone. I look forward to guiding you on your yoga & wellness journey.


Barbra Brady MA, E-RYT500, ParaYoga Certified Level II Teacher

Barbra has a vast curiosity about yoga and life! She has been teaching since 2000, and is a ParaYoga Level II Certified Teacher, having studied with ParaYoga® founder, Rod Stryker, since 2004 ; she is also an iRest (Richard Miller) Yoga Nidra Practitioner. Barbra has an established private yoga practice where yoga is prescribed specifically for the client. With a lifelong thirst for pursuing her passions, she holds “diplomas” from Yoga Alliance (E- RYT 500); iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 Practitioner training; and Advanced Teacher Certification with Erich Schiffmann. Barbara also has an MA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Museum Exhibition Theory. Barbra’s classes are all about adding calm into your life while building strength and confidence. Classes are a hatha vinyasa flow, but the flow is noticeably slower than power vinyasa classes. They are powerful, it is a power that comes about through effortless awareness on the body, breath, and mind. You’ll find yourself discovering yoga in a mindful way that has long lasting effects. You are sure to feel calm and energized. Barbra’s classes are very meditative and breath-centered, usually with pranayama and meditation woven in. She also leads yoga nidra, a deeply restorative guided relaxation done while lying down in savasana. It is delicious!


Melissa Lakritz, RYT200, YACEP

Melissa has been teaching alignment based Vinyasa Flow for 7 years. YogaWorks trained, Mel also incorporates her passion for Mindful Meditation, present moment awareness, and the power of positivity. Her physical strength and flexibility is only matched by her energetic personality and passion for all things yoga. You will sweat, you will laugh, you will pause and find inner peace and awareness. Most of all Mel will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated for whatever lies ahead.


Nicole Myers Fitness Instructor

I have been certified to teach fitness classes since 2008. I continue to educate myself through various workshops and classes that allow me to offer an increasing variety of modalities. I started teaching a fusion of Pilates & Yoga because I love taking alignment focused fitness classes, I enjoy teaching, and I am fascinated by anatomy. My pursuit of fitness has given me the physical freedom to pursue my own adventures, and I want to show others that they can tone their bodies and be capable of doing anything and everything they want to do in their daily lives. In addition to teaching fitness classes, I have been a college Geology & Environmental Sciences instructor since 2004. My experience has cultivated my strong foundation in education, teaching, and anatomy and alignment principles; all of which I bring to my fitness classes. Fitness classes are a huge part of my life, and I invite you to pursue your individual physical goals with me. Join me for focused Core Stability exercises that strengthen your body and increase your flexibility so that you can move through your daily life with ease and stability.


Kim Pia
RYT200 Yoga Instructor

Kim’s love of vinyasa yoga is rooted in her love of movement, and she believes that moving the body is one of the best ways to unlock the soul. Kim came to yoga after taking a hiatus from ballet and jazz, initially trying many different styles, from Bikram to Iyengar. But it was not until she took her first power yoga class that she felt like she really found her groove. An avid dancer and aerialist in her free time, Kim spends her days behind a desk as a system administrator at Amy’s Kitchen. That said, she often finds herself drifting off into reveries about choreography and yoga sequences. In her classes, Kim emphasizes proper muscle engagement to safely build strength and increase flexibility in her students. Her message as a teacher is to encourage people flirt with their edges, but ultimately to listen to their bodies and but not go beyond what feels right. She believes this gentle approach to vinyasa flow helps cultivate a sustainable and enjoyable practice. Kim’s goal is to help her students get in touch with their bodies, and build a powerful foundation of alignment, strength, and flexibility so that they can experience a little more ease, poise, and grace on and off their mats.


Jessica Webb, E-RYT500, YACEP

Jessica has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2007, obtaining an E-RYT500 and YACEP. She has studied under like-minded yoga therapists learning Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Perinatal, Somatic Movement and Yoga Therapy. As she continues to study and attend seminars pertaining to health and wellness, her teachings include using yoga, movement, laughter and meditation as rehabilitation tools for healing chronic injuries, degenerative diseases and mental anguish. She brings a certain spark to each class with her creative outlook, wit and peaceful presence.


Tina Jones, NC

Tina is a Petaluma-based Holistic Nutritionist, certified with the Energetic Health Institute (EHI) and professional member of the National Association for Nutrition Professionals (NANP). She is also an enthusiastic home cook, vegetable gardener, partner to her guy, Mark, and Mom to a Hairless Chinese Crested dog named Reuben. Tina has enjoyed living, working, and playing in Sonoma County since 1997. She loves practicing yoga and meditation and really enjoys photography, art, music, dancing, travel, and outdoor adventures with her loved ones.

Elevated Slacklining



Elevated Slacklining, created by Eleanor McCall, is a North Bay Slacklining company which incorporates the fusion of traditional Slacklining and Hatha Yoga.  Dedicated to creating a mindfulness practice that embodies wholeness, community, play, and creativity, Elevated Slacklining offers a variety of slacklining, yoga, and slack-yoga classes, workshops, and 1-on-1 sessions. Eleanor’s goal is to bring her love and passion of ‘being in the body’ out into the community as way to heal disembodiment and promote positive body image. “Take a chance, walk the line, and come home to yourself.”

Credentials: B.A. & M.A. in Psychology, emphasis in Depth Psychology, RYT 200 from Renew Yoga Teacher Training School



Telephone: 707 288 - 0851

Fitness Rx



Every second that you move, you create patterns. If you sit to make money, if you suffer from trauma, if you use your body for sport, if you suffer from arthritis... however you spend time in your body, your soft tissue is following suit. Over time, this tissue becomes susceptible to injury and chronic pain. To compensate, our joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc. begin a new pattern.


At Fitness Rx, we do a few things: we get your overused tissue healthy, we acknowledge your neurology and movement and then we teach you how to move functionally.  We ask you to take a look at your patterns and challenge you to change.


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Teacher Bios

Sonya McVay-Straub, MP,
Sonya is a certified ART (Active Release Techniques), NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy), AiM (Anatomy in Motion), PMT (Performance Movement Taping by RockTape), and ICT (Integrated Cranial Therapy) provider. She is also a certified master Pilates Instructor and a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and NKT credentialing author and continuing education provider. ART is a clinical soft tissue therapy system used to treat pathologies and/or movement restriction with muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Alongside manual therapy, she specializes in Neuro-Gate, functional/movement assessment, sports injuries, spinal pathologies, "special-populations" and post-treatment exercise. Her practice combines multiple methods and provides incredible results. Her clients include internationally competitive athletes (Ferrari's Racing team), professional baseball players, both pro golfers and tennis players, triathletes, cyclists, PTSD patients, competitive marathoners,  IronMan/Tough Mudder and Spartan athletes, avid and competitive CrossFitters, Olympic lifters, business executives, chronic pain patients, senior citizens, and youth.


Sarah Thiebaud

Sarah Thiebaud earned her 300-hour RYT certification in power vinyasa flow, CPT NASM, NKT Level 1, FMT Blades Advanced, and is a graduate of Temple University earning her doctorate in physical therapy. Sarah's clinical eye and athleticism led her to teach and train at studios in California, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Pennsylvania. Sarah specializes in sports injuries and performance, functional/movement assessment, integrative therapy and yoga.

Foo Dog Yoga



We are yoga enthusiasts, with hundreds of hours of yoga practiced, and several years’ experience running yoga studios and wellness programs.  We believe in the power of yoga, and have seen how yoga can transform lives.


We offer patrons a warm, friendly and welcoming space with kind and positive energy. Our classes are all moderately heated and all are based in the Vinyasa style, with several classes infused with other modalities including Yin, Bikram, and Pilates.

Why do yoga at Foo Dog?  We say, what the HECK - Humor, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Kindness.  Here at Foo Dog Yoga in Petaluma, we believe that yoga is for everybody.  The physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga are infinite, and last a lifetime. We provide a safe, warm, non-intimidating space in which to explore yoga at all levels, beginners to advanced.  Our classes are based in Vinyasa Flow format, and we offer workshops and special events exploring a variety of modalities.


Location:  Petaluma, CA

Teacher Bios

Andrea Thomas
Andrea was born in Fargo, North Dakota and grew up across the river in Moorhead, Minnesota. She was a dancer and loved activities like cycling, ice skating, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Andrea started teaching group fitness classes to my peers when she was an undergraduate student and continued moonlighting as a group exercise and yoga instructor throughout my first career in print and radio journalism. Eventually she decided her part-time job was more rewarding and returned to school so she could work full-time in health and fitness, with the goal of teaching at the college level. Along the way Andrea has lived in eight different states before arriving in California, the place she described in my high school journal as my dream destination.

Hot Yoga Calistoga




Ann Seaver opened Hot Yoga Calistoga in January of 2017 as a way to serve her community. A magical little studio specializing in Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates, you can find a variety of practices including: Powerflow, Baptiste, Yin, Kundalini, Hatha, Buti, and Inferno Hot Pilates.


Hot Yoga Calistoga is truly a kula, or a community of the heart. Fusing tradition with playfulness, this tribe is proud to be a sponsor at Sonoma County Yoga Festival.



Location: Calistoga, CA

Teacher Bios


Anne Seaver

Anne has lived in Calistoga since 2005, she opened Hot Yoga Calistoga as a way to serve the community, and loves every moment she spends at the studio. She teaches a variety of practices, including Powerflow, Kundalini, and Inferno Hot Pilates. For her, yoga is a spiritual practice that it helps you on so many levels. It’s more than working out. It’s like praying with the body. It builds inner stability as well as outer. Join Anne for Kundalini

Yoga and Blacklight Inferno Hot Pilates.


Anna Kyshynska

Yoga has been the anchor of Anna Kyshynska’s spiritual and professional life since 2004. She began her formal training at the Kiev Yoga Federation, where she was fortunate enough to have learned from renowned yoga master Andrey Lappa.

A dedicated life-long learner as well as practitioner, Anna has expanded upon her understanding of yoga technique and tradition by traveling the world to attend instructional workshops conducted by respected swamis globally and in the United States with Anna Forrest. Anna’s classes are very challenging, yet her style and personality resonate with all level students and she welcomes all level students to her classes. Join Anna for Powerful


Mary Gavin

Mary Gavin seeks a lifestyle in support of healing and the pursuit of happiness and pleasure.   Her teaching style is grounded by intuition, which is led by her heart and is an expression of the light & love energy she wishes to give to the world.

Independent Instructors


Tirza Dawn

Tirza Dawn teaches a well balanced flow, structure and meditative class called Yoga Ceremony on Saturday morning at Sonoma Yoga Festival. This class provides a space to unwind slowly, circulate thoroughly, and strengthen mindfully within the ritual of group practice in the old traditions.  Tirza will be accompanied by Benjamen Ezekiel offering musical and sound healing journies for the heart!



Sopurkh Kau

Sopurkh Kaur has been teaching for as long as she has been here on planet earth. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, sharing the authentic teachings of Yogi Bhajan for over 13 years. Rich in yogic philosophy, powerful kriyas, and deep meditative experiences, her classes are opportunities for self-empowerment and growth. Sopurkh enjoys the benefits of Kundalini in every aspect of her life, and is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential.

AT this years’ S.C.Y.F., Sopurkh is bringing Awakening as an Aquarian Human, a Kundalini and Meditation practice.

Kidding Around Yoga



KAY specializes in blended trainings for almost anyone who works with or has children. What sets KAY apart from similar companies is our unique approach to teaching children’s Yoga and a series of original music written and performed by the founder Haris Lender.  Our blend of independent online learning (OKAY) and 2 day face-to-face intensive training is a fantastic way to learn to teach kids Yoga without sacrificing the typical three days. Our incredible graduates are integrated into the tight-knit KAY family through an invitation-only teacher’s forum and receive invitations to our Licensee Programs. Nothing gives us more joy than to watch our trainees sharing the gift of Yoga with their kids.



Telephone: 1 855 - KID - YOGA

Teacher Bios

Elizabeth Smith

Glitter, sunshine, and color about sum me up. I enjoy nature, Art, pizza, and YOGA!

I found Yoga in 2012 as an holistic approach to medicine, after attending a couple classes I knew I had share this gift with others. Immediately I bought a book, started teaching and vowed to attend that school to get certified and I did. I became certified in 2014, registered with the Yoga Alliance. I have experience in Prenatal Yoga, have certification in Yin Yoga, Ananda Yoga, and Kidding Around Yoga. Once I had my 2nd child I began doing Mommy and Me Yoga and came across Kidding Around Yoga, this was exactly what I was looking for: The perfect program for infants, children, and their families!

Napa Hot Yoga


Napa Hot Yoga offers a variety of classes to fit everyone’s daily needs. Specializing in Bikram style 90 & 60 minutes classes, the studio also offers Hot Pilates, high intensity low impact classes, Yoga Sculpt, Power Vinyasa Flow, and Deep Stretch & Meditation classes that will benefit your lifestyle. Physical, mental and behavioral changes await! Come and practice with us at Napa Hot Yoga.


Location:  Napa, CA

Teacher Bios

Zachary McCloskey

Zachary McCloskey discovered his passion for yoga nearly ten years ago,  after attending his first yoga class in Santa Rosa, CA. As a yoga instructor he teaches from his experiences and his classes are designed for all levels.

Zach is one of the founding members of Yoga Cube and considers himself the chief volunteer. Zach is dedicated to raising the vibration of our planet and connect communities dedicated to doing the same. His life before yoga included  working in the Food and Beverage Industry, Luxury Resorts, Hospitality Management and Travel Writing. Zach hosts yoga retreats, and currently teaches in both Napa and Sonoma County.

See Yoga Cube for more information.


Point of You Yoga


Chrys Johnson

Chrys is a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and dhyana Center Alumni who has studied extensively with Jivamukti & Power yoga tribes around the country. Drawing from his diverse range of mentors and ongoing studies Chrys is developing his own blend of sequencing and unique approach to leading modern, up-beat Vinyasa classes that remains rooted in the basics and reverence for the divine. He is passionate about helping people develop a daily Yoga & Self Care practice that is both sincere and playful. Chrys leads from a place of genuine interest in the human experience and enjoys uncovering humor amidst life’s constant change and paradox.


Chrys teaches weekly at both @dhyanacenter in Sebastopol and @HotYogaCalistoga. Follow him at @chrys333 and @pointofyouyoga to stay updated on his classes and events.


Post Wellness



P.O.S.T. (Petaluma Orthopaedic & Sports Therapy) - Wellness by Design is a group of dedicated health professionals who provide quality health care to the community at large using a multidisciplinary approach, which combines traditional and complementary therapies. Our focus is on providing preventive care to the patient, considering the whole person, enabling the individual to take personal responsibility for maintaining good health.


Teacher Bios

Deb Reid

Deb is a Somatic Yoga Therapist C-IAYT. At the 2018 Yoga festival she represents Yoga at POST Wellness by Design. Deb is also a facilitator at the Glass House Intensives. She has taught yoga with many populations over the last 14yrs: public classes, relationship recovery, independent living, assisted living, memory care, private clients, meditation and yoga therapy workshops, yoga teacher training, and day-long silent yoga & meditation retreats. Deb taught 5 Laughter Yoga classes a week for 5 years and has been teaching a Partner Yoga class each week for 8 years.

Renew Yoga


Renew Yoga was established by AJ & Pamela Maldonado in 2001 in the heart of historic downtown Petaluma.  This dynamic studio offers heart centered, spirit driven Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.



Location: Petaluma, CA


Teacher Bios


Kathleen Callahan RYT200

When Kathleen enters your life, her wish is to help you feel nurtured and beautiful.  With a career as a professional aesthetician, becoming a yoga teacher after years of practice has been a joyous experience, permeating her teaching style.  Kathleen’s healing touch will leave you calm and centered.


Pamela Maldonado, Owner Renew Yoga  E-RYT200 YACEP

Co-Founder Renew Yoga School


Pamela has been teaching heart opening Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Workshops and Retreats for the past 17 years.  She also facilitates teachings in the Renew Yoga School and is a Reiki Master Teacher. Visit Renew at


Amy Wolff, Director Of Education and Co-Founder of Renew Yoga School. E-RYT500 YACEP

When practicing with Amy, you are likely to find passion, challenge, fun, and lots of it.  Amy’s energetic personality coupled with her down to earth, midwestern sense of humor and stable values make her a triple threat of power, ease and warmth.  Amy is a gifted reader of the body with almost 30 years of experience of studying, practicing and teaching. Visit Amy at


Helaine Sheias PhD  E-RYT 500

Helaine’s Yin Yoga is an exploratory journey of self acceptance, searching to bridge together a sense of truth, trust and integrity.  She holds a PhD in Human Sciences and is the originator of Yingenuity, a tapestry of Somatic release, intuitive awakening and the cultivation of radical presence.

Samantha Fe



Samantha Fe is ranked Top 5 Female Psychic Medium in the US by the AFCPM. She trains natural born leaders how to start a revolution from square ONE by teaching psychic development and entrepreneurial skills. If you are ready to create a career from your soul-centered passion, Samantha will show you how.


Teacher Bio

My intention is centered around healing, reflecting and receiving. I am here to be a mirror for you so that you can see yourself more clearly. A reading will help you to uncover and reveal your own answers. This is where the healing takes place so you can begin to experience personal growth, as an individual and as a spirit. By raising your awareness to energy, you will begin to see how it influences your thoughts and can manifest in our tangible physical world.

Stillness Retreat



The Stillness Retreat aims to provide the highest quality retreat experience available. Our mission is to provide a model for change, healing, and personal growth through our retreats and programs. Experience beautiful locations, natural amenities, gourmet cuisines, and our incredible Yoga & Meditation classes and instructors. The Stillness Retreat encompasses both rejuvenation and exploration, adventure and sacred practices, both in luxury settings and deep wildernesses, with the premise of a delivering a truly transforming experience. Based in beautiful Sonoma County CA, The Stillness Retreat was founded by Jensen Curtis in 2015, spawned from a dream of reaching individuals who are seeking refuge from the demanding stresses of modern daily life. Voted best retreat of it's kind, The Stillness Retreat intends to reach global and international communities



Teacher Bios

Jensen Curtis RYT300

Jensen is a Sonoma County native and seventh generation Californian. With a background in weight loss and personal training, Jenson has worked in health and fitness since 2006. His classes, retreats and workshops draw upon the traditions of vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yoga nidra and Buddhist meditation—incorporating all into an understandable, but continually changing and widely inspired practice. Jenson leads and participates in yoga teacher training programs, meditation programs and wilderness fasts. He has traveled in India, Japan, Peru, and Europe studying yoga and meditation.

Soul Yoga



Soul Yoga is a safe healing environment in which to take care of both your body and your soul. ​Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the miracle of their own body,mind and soul ability to heal.SOUL Yoga and Wellness was founded by Lisa Alban Ellisen in 2014 as an extension of her lifelong journey toward health and wellness. Her own Soul's growth through the practice and teaching of yoga is the passion behind the studio. More than anything she wants to share with you the gifts of self discovery that a dedicated practice can bring.



Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Teacher Bios

Lisa Ellisen

Certified Baptiste Leader, 500 hour RYT, Studio Owner

I teach yoga because it makes me a better person. I own a yoga studio because it may just make the world a better place. My first yoga class was a “have to,” my employer made me go. I hated it. I hurt. I cried. I hated myself.  Now, 22 years later, I can honestly say, most days, I like who I am and believe wholeheartedly in what I am doing. Baron Baptiste has been my biggest influence. The yoga I teach is powerful, physical and applicable to daily life. I believe we all need tools to help us be more resilient, more flexible and just better people. Yoga has provided me with those tools, as have my two kids, my family, my pets and my students. Without them I wouldn’t have had the courage to step outside the box that I had so confidently secured myself in. The students I hope to teach are anyone with a body, a story and desire to get to know their best self. I can’t wait to meet you on the mat!


Tristan St. Germain
Tristan is a movement medicine facilitator, fitness professional, flow arts master,  multidisciplinary creatress, fashion designer, artist, dancer, who lives in service dedicated to empowering  others to cultivate their own inner fierceness, self love, confidence, symmetry and balance of body~mind~spirit, through movement play.

Tristan has received certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, RYT Yogi, Buti Yoga, Hoop Girl Instructor, Shiatsu Chinese Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Reiki 1 & 2 and is a currently working on her BA in Psychology.  She has also trained as a dancer in many disciplines over the years, has been a professional performer in Circus Arts Troupes such as Lucient Dossier, Luminesque Dance, Visionary Alliance and continues to Fire Dance and Stilt Walk for Catalyst Arts and Symmetry Arts Entertainment.

Yoga Cube


Yoga Cube is a collective of Yoga Instructors and Wellness Professionals and an organization that coordinates Yoga Events and Festivals. Yoga Cube events are designed to organize, promote and showcase local community Yoga Studios and Wellness Centers.  Our mission is to raise the vibration of our planet and connect communities dedicated to doing the same.


We are proud to have brought Northern California the first ever, Sonoma County Yoga Festival in 2017.   Forthcoming, we are bringing the 2018 Sonoma County Yoga Festival back for its second year at the SOMO Village Event Center in Rohnert Park, CA, with support and collaboration with Stillness Retreat, SOMO Village, Sally Tomatoes, S.F. Yoga Magazine and over 20 other local yoga studios and partners

Teacher Bios

Zachary McCloskey

Zachary McCloskey discovered his passion for yoga nearly ten years ago,  after attending his first yoga class in Santa Rosa, CA. As a yoga instructor he teaches from his experiences and his classes are designed for all levels.

Zachary’s life before yoga included  working in the Food and Beverage Industry, Luxury Resorts, Hospitality Management and Travel Writing. Zach hosts retreats yearly  and currently teaches in both Napa and Sonoma County. Zach is one of the founding members of Yoga Cube and considers himself the chief volunteer. Zach is dedicated to raising the vibration of our planet and connect communities dedicated to doing the same

Yoga On Center


Jenn and Katina have been the owners of Yoga Center since 2011. We are honored to share the gift of yoga with our communities and blessed with a staff of thoughtful and talented instructors. Jenn and Katina are both yoga instructors offering classes at YOC and private classes around Sonoma County. Our goal is to provide a beautiful, clean and inspiring place for your practice with a variety of styles of yoga for beginners and advanced students alike. Our spacious studios provide a safe place for students to step onto their mats, calm their minds and open to the many benefits of yoga. We frequently bring in guest instructors from all over the world, we support local fundraising events, schools, little league, the arts and much more. We believe yoga is not only a wonderful physical practice, but opens the door to a much deeper path that leads towards balance, health, harmony, wellness and peace of mind.



Teacher Bios

Jenn Russo

Jennifer Russo, M. S., Certified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Health Coordinator, began her yoga studies in San Francisco in 1997. Having a background in Kinesiology, Anatomy and Massage therapy, teaching yoga came very natural to her. She immediately fell in love with the flow of the practice and the strong connection to her ‘center’. Jenn has studied with many teachers and in many traditions of yoga. She finds a strong connection to Vinyasa Yoga, linking body movement with breath. Jenn teaches a strong, deep, challenging flow style class, combining movement with breath, while cultivating balance, radiant well being, and presence of mind. Jenn is the co-owner of Yoga on Center.

Yoga One



YogaONE was founded on two principles; that the practice of Yoga and its applied sciences must be practical and approachable to anyone from any walk of life, and that if you can breathe, you can practice Yoga.

Our studio, located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, offers a calm and welcoming environment when you visit, and our highly skilled and professional teachers will lead you through an exquisite practice, leaving you in a state of bliss and balance.

We offer 8 types of Yoga, including classical Hatha, Vinyasa, Integrative, Yin & Restorative. We also offer Meditation classes and Classes for beginning practitioners and practitioners who are returning to the mat after recovery.

Our teachers and instructors have all dedicated their lives to their craft and practice, and we are delighted to offer over 17 expert teachers under one roof.

YogaONE is an Aveda concept yoga studio, the first of its kind in the world. Based on the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, we incorporate Aveda products into our studio setting, classes and overall experience.

YogaONE is owned by Deacon Carpenter, a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist with 20 years of training and 11 years of practice. It’s his vision to make Ayurveda and Yoga a practical and approachable experience to all who seek balance.

We look forward to welcoming you into the studio, and hope to see you on the mat soon.


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Teacher Bios


Shane Davis

In 2014, Shane left a 15 year career in cardiac technology to be a full time yoga teacher\therapist and teacher training director. While studying classical piano and working in medicine since leaving high school, he was introduced to yogic practices at the age of 30. In his first year of practice he was badly injured, tearing pelvic muscles. Left unable to practice, over the next year he turned to psychosomatic therapy and meditation for healing. He then brought his years of previous anatomical study to the study of postures and movement, to help students prevent and heal injuries.

As a teacher, Shane brings 20 plus years of musical meditative experience to teaching harmony filled flow classes. Often he uses a harmonium or piano to play music or lead chanting. He teaches Hatha flow(with no music), Vinyasa and Bhakti classes and is the director of Yoga ONE’s 200 hours Teacher\Fundamentals of Yoga Training.

Yoga Studio Ganesha


Yoga Studio Ganesha started as a cozy studio hidden behind Main Street in Sebastopol. Then, the parking area became more of a plaza, with friends meeting for an outdoor lunch, children playing by the fountain, a series of free concerts, and the Sunday farmer’s market bringing local produce and crafts in spring, summer, and fall. And Yoga Studio Ganesha began to attract more teachers and students. Still an intimate, warm and friendly place, it has become a favorite spot for all ages and levels of yoga practitioners to learn and practice the ancient art of yoga.


Teacher Bios

Ann Austin

Ann has been dedicated to the practice of yoga for 20 years. Her classes are inspired by her own practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Ann creates a space that is safe yet challenges her students to move beyond what they think is possible. Yoga is about transformation and to practice with Ann students experience this firsthand.

Trained to teach yoga in 2000, Ann received a certification by the Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland California and is registered at the 500 hour level. Continuing her yoga education is very important to Ann; she has participated in many different teacher trainings and workshops. As a student of all types of yoga, she has studied with senior Iyengar, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga teachers. She is very grateful to her Ashtanga yoga teacher John Smith, for his support over the last 15 years. Chanting the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a major part of Ann’s personal yoga practice. Ann is fortunate to study with Kate Holcombe of the Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco. She is grateful to Kate for her skilled teaching of the Yoga Sutra and her ability to make this ancient yoga text relevant today to the modern yogi. Ann’ s classes include chanting the Yoga Sutra as a way of not only connecting to the past but also to bring this ancient wisdom to her students.